What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Assisted Stretch

While you are likely familiar with the idea of stretching to improve flexibility, you may not have heard of fascial stretch therapy (FST) and how it can benefit you by providing better long-term flexibility and mobility. In this blog post, you’ll learn:

  • What fascial stretch therapy is
  • The potential benefits of stretching your fascia

Your fascia is what keeps your body connected. It is the collagen-rich tissue that holds together everything including individual joints, muscles, and organs. The fascia can benefit from stretching. This can be true for both active people and less-active individuals who simply want to maintain a good range of motion. Taking advantage of FST services in Grand Rapids, MI to assist you in maintaining fascia health can come with a long list of benefits.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy

Modern FST services are often heavily based on a book written by Ann Fredrick, a flexibility specialist who originally used fascial stretching to train Olympic athletes on the men’s wrestling team. Fascial stretch therapy is a little different from the more traditional stretching you may be used to. Rather than doing the stretches yourself, a therapist assists you in the movements. Generally, you will arrive wearing comfortable clothing and lie on a table that is similar to a massage table while the therapist manually moves your body through the stretches. The therapist may also ask you to breathe in and out to fit with the movements.

The Benefits of Stretching and Fascial Stretch Therapy

Most FST services focus heavily on helping you develop healthier joints through a focus on the joint capsules in your body as well as the fascia as a whole. The goal of this is to relieve pressure and create a better range of movement throughout your joints, which can go a long way to preventing injury and helping you develop better stability throughout your body.

Stretching the fascia can ease the many different strains your body is under every day. Whether it be sitting for long periods or participating in sports, almost everybody experiences some form of repeated posture or motion that can cause pressure on the joints and create tight areas in the fascia. In addition to relieving pressure fascial stretching can also:

  • Assist with weight loss
  • Allow you to have naturally better posture
  • Give you access to increased flexibility
  • Prevent you from losing range of motion over time

Fascial stretch therapy can be extremely effective and you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice some improvements following your first session. It can also be incredibly relaxing and a great way to relieve the physical stress you have built up over time. Best of all, it is a convenient service that is available in Grand Rapids, MI.

Fascial Stretch Therapy in Michigan

The fascia is what holds your body together and benefits from a little extra care. With its many potential health benefits, fascial stretching is a great place to start for people to improve their overall wellness or performance. We offer fascial stretch therapy services in Grand Rapids, Michigan and soon in Naples, Florida. We believe everybody has the potential to develop greater health and wellbeing. If you think fascial stretch therapy may be right for you, contact us through this form or by clicking the contact tab on our website to get started.

Image Source: Studio Romantic / Shutterstock