Personal Training


Walking alongside you.

With Healix’s one-on-one personal training services, you will not only lose weight–you’ll gain muscle. You will be confident in executing a variety of exercises as you are coached through each workout. Your Healix trainer will get to know you and help you set realistic, challenging, and achievable goals. They will develop a customized plan catered to your needs and wants. No matter where you’re starting, Healix comes alongside you in motivating you throughout your fitness journey.

Great results require consistency and trusting that you are on the right path. Trusting in the process is key. The Healix team spends time making sure both your plan and your mind are right. The Healix team walks that path alongside you.

Becky White-Steensma, owner & founder certified fascial stretch therapist

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If you’re ready for Becky White-Steensma and her team to help you reach your wellness goals, reach out to us or stop by at Healix Center. If you’re already a member, you can schedule your services online with one of our skilled therapists, or fill out a registration form to get started!

Healix owner, Becky White-Steensma, is a dedicated strength coach with nearly 22 years of experience transforming bodies. Her passion to help her clients reach their physique goals comes from overcoming her own struggles.