Internal to external healing is at the core of who we are, and what we believe.

The Healix brand represents ultimate wellness and the evolving nature of the human body. As a certified provider of Fascial Stretch Therapy to the West Michigan region, Healix provides solutions as unique as your DNA. Healix is committed to customizing plans for every individual, of any age. Weaving together a potent strand of fascial stretch therapy, personal training and nutrition, Healix represents positive, physical transformation that stems from the inside out. Internal to external healing is at the core of who we are, and what we believe. The Healix brand is dedicated to helping you discover, reach, and maintain the ideal you.

Rebecca White

Healix CEO & Founder, Rebecca White, is a dedicated strength coach, Fascial Stretch Therapist & Massage Therapist with nearly 25 years of experience transforming bodies. Her passion to help her clients reach their physique goals comes from overcoming her own struggles.

“I put on a lot of weight after my son was born. I wasn’t in a good place. One day I looked in the mirror and said ‘that’s enough.’ I started treating myself like I was a client; wrote a training program, made and kept appointments, and stuck to my nutrition program. I made myself a priority.”

The result was a remarkable transformation story now used to spark clients’ transformations.

Experienced & Certified

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    25 + Years of Experience
  • Licensed Medical Massage Therapist
    Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Guasha technique & Myofascial Release
  • Level 2 Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • NBCA Certified
  • Certified FAT Tool Technician
  • Certified Kinesiology Taping Technician
  • Certified Metabolic Analytics Practitioner: Level 1
  • WBFF Competitor
  • WBFF Chicago 1st Place Winner in 35+ Fitness Category
  • WBFF Chicago 2nd Place in the Fitness Tall Category
  • WBFF LA 5th place 35+ Fitness Category


Healix Center Grand Rapids, MI

Shanon Hurlbut – Massage Therapist / Fascial Stretch Therapist

Shanon received her massage therapy training from The Alabama School of Massage Therapy. She is an experienced massage therapist and a former employee of the Crown Jewel Spa and Salon where she spent 13 years developing her skills as a massage therapist, esthetician and spa manager finally integrating herself into the Cascade community.

She has a love for Fascial Stretch Training and it’s scientific approach to movement. She is passionate about achieving optimal wellness and helping others reach their goals.

Amanda Logan – Fascial Stretch Therapist

Health and fitness have been an important part of Amanda’s adult life. After being a lifelong runner she has been focused on weight training the past 4 years and has fallen in love with getting stronger. Before becoming a fascial stretch therapist, Amanda was a regular client of Healix where she found relief after having 2 years of back pain.

Amy Heitzman- Licensed Esthetician and Fascial Stretch Therapist

Amy was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest she has taken the passion for performance and success that she learned at a young age and has geared it towards her esthetician career.  As a graduate of The French Academy of Cosmetology, she is a Michigan licensed esthetician and her excitement for results-driven skincare and facial treatments has brought her here to Healix to share her knowledge with others and to help everyone achieve a satisfying, enriching experience about their esthetic goals and needs. She is also a Fascial Stretch Therapist.

Healix Center Naples, FL

Nika Bocharova- Concierge Physical Therapist, Active Release Technique (ART): Trigger Points/ Sports Acupuncture

Originally from Stavropol, Russia. Nika moved to Fort Myers in 2002. She has over 10 years of experience. Nika is passionate about injury free lifestyle and training, and believes it can be achieved by taking care of one’s body before it gets hurt. 

She is proficient in identifying biomechanical flaws that may lead to over use injury. She works diligently on establishing a maintenance regiment so that patients are able to continue participating in their favorite activities. She puts big emphasis on acquiring new treatment techniques and modalities.  Acupuncture and acupuncture point injection therapy are newer additions to her vast repertoire of skills.

​ Nika is proficient at pain relief and continues to focus on modalities that improve the patients’ quality of life, including treating the most common ailments and reducing the symptoms of many difficult diseases.

Tatiana Shanchez- Thai Flex Fusion Therapist

Tatiana is a lifelong dancer/performer, movement/arts educator, a Certified Universal Yoga Teacher, Level 2 AcroYoga & AcroFit International Teacher, a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner/teacher of over 20 years, and Flexologist, guided by her background in Earth based/Indigenous traditions in the Nature, Wilderness, Survival, Awareness way of Being.  Her journey as a professional dancer, choreographer, musician since the age of 18 in multiple world class Flamenco & Contemporary dance companies in Chicago, as co-director of MASS Ensemble/Earth Harp/sound therapies, having studied multiple movement modalities & Psychology while obtaining her BA in Dance at Columbia College of Chicago has led to her development as a healer/teacher since 2001.  Tati’s eclectic teaching/healing style is steeped by Thai Yoga Massage Certifications with Saul David Ray, Christopher Ray, Blue Lotus Thai Yoga School, Chuck Duff, with 1000+ hours combined Certifications/Teacher Trainings in Universal Yoga with yoga master Andrey Lappa, Para Yoga with Rod Stryker, Moksha Yoga Chicago, Shakti Power/Prana Yoga with Shiva Rae, Yogic Arts with Duncan Wong, among 100s of hrs training/practicing/teaching with world-class teachers in Yoga, Acrobatics/Fitness, Thai Bodywork, Energy Healing, Holistic/Psychological/Philosophical education, designed to contribute to the joy of individual/community consciousness and empowerment.  She founded Shaktimuse Healing Arts as a creative platform for all walks of life to heal, trust, play, connect, and celebrate by nurturing/cultivating one’s God given gifts, living their greatest potential, through classes, workshops, events, among one-on-one sessions.  Tatiana is delighted to join Healix on this great journey.

Karen Kraut- Fascial Stretch Therapist

Karen is a former LMT and Personal Trainer from Grand Rapids, MI. She has recently become a Fascial Stretch Therapist and is excited to put her previous experience back to work through stretch at Healix

Carrie Fulton – Massage Therapist/ Fascial Stretch Therapist

Carrie is a physical therapist assistant, licensed massage therapist for 20 years and fascial stretch therapist. Carrie understands the importance of the balance of movement and the hands-on approach to achieve maximum benefit for clients.  Originally from upstate NY, Carrie has enjoyed calling Florida home for over 15 years. Besides the beach and boating in sunny Florida,  she has been doing yoga for over 20 years.   Making yoga a part of her life has helped Carrie to understand the balance of the mind body spirit connection. Looks forward to assisting clients in Naples to continue living an active lifestyle for as long as they can. 

Jesse Marino- Stretch Therapist

Originally from Cleveland OH, Jesse previously had a long career in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist. Since moving to Florida she had the opportunity to pursue her true passion for health and wellness and shift career paths. She is a certified Pure Barre instructor, certified Flexologist specializing in PNF stretching, and a certified Level One FST practitioner. She loves building relationships with clients and finds it a special privilege to be a part of their healing journey. She is excited to be a part of the Healix team and looks forward to evolving her skills even further!

Lauren Rodriguez- Stretch Therapist

Lauren is a proud United States Coast Guard veteran who has dedicated her life to serving this country. Through her service, She has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in discipline, hard work, and teamwork, which has been invaluable in her personal and professional life.

As an ACE certified personal trainer, she has been helping clients achieve their fitness goals for over two years. Her passion for fitness extends beyond traditional workouts, as she has been practicing assisted stretching for over a year. Through this practice, She has been able to help clients improve their flexibility, mobility, and overall physical performance.

She is a firm believer that assisted stretching can be an essential component of any fitness regimen, as it can improve posture, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance recovery after intense workouts. Her expertise in creating personalized workout plans, providing nutritional guidance, and incorporating assisted stretching has enabled her to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Currently, She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science to further her education and knowledge in the field of health and wellness. Through this program, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, and kinesiology, which has equipped her with the tools to become an even greater asset in the fitness industry.

Naples Customer Service Team

Drew Zullo
Danielle Valle
Faith Powers